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Robert is Fit for Work

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Robert is Fit for Work

Robert was referred to the INVEST employability services from the Department for Work and Pensions after finding himself out of work. He came to visit the INVEST team, got himself registered and took the great support that was offered from his advisor. During Robert’s period of unemployment, his mood was becoming low, so he started spending more of his time in the John McKean academy where he was training Martial Arts.

The academy owner, John, welcomed him and even spoke about a possible job opportunity for Robert. John also approached the INVEST business team and began receiving financial support through the fantastic recruitment incentive. As a result, Robert went into full time employment working in the gym, doing something he loved, and learning new skills that would build his confidence.

Throughout the recruitment incentive, there is a named advisor that identifies and tracks any training or progression in the workplace opportunities. Robert started employment in July 2016 and has successfully completed his First Aid training and Health and Safety in the workplace. In addition he is hoping to embark on becoming a Strength and Conditioning coach, which will be an advantage both to Robert, and to the John McKean Academy in terms of the variety of training offered.

Robert was ecstatic with the overall service he has received, and is now recommending INVEST to other who have found themselves to be unemployed and seeking work.

Congratulations Robert!

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