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Event: BG Online & Social Media Workshops

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Event: BG Online & Social Media Workshops


Social media has changed the way the world communicates. The importance your business places upon social media depends upon an understanding of what the tools are, how they work and what the can – and can’t – do, as well as building a sensible, sustainable strategy to harness their power to your financial advantage. To find out more come along to Business gateway’s social media and online toolkit workshops at the Hillington Park Innovation Centre.

Social Media Toolkit

Social Media

Tue 5 Feb – 09:30-12:30

This is the introductionary workshop for the Social Media Toolkit which will give you a good understanding of social media and the potential benefits it can bring to your business. Learn how to use social media as a customer service platform, to conduct research and increase awareness of your brand. We recommend all delegates attend this event first.


Use Twitter in your business

Tue 12 Feb – 09:30-12:30

10 million people in the UK use Twitter. 8 million of them use it on their phone or mobile device. Did you know that they’re talking about your products and services on Twitter? If not, it’s time to sit up and pay attention to one of the fastest moving and exciting social networks on the planet. Find out how to listen to what your customers are saying on Twitter, the social network that can’t be ignored, and why having a strategy to exploit its power is vital.

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Use Facebook in your business

Tue 12 Feb – 13:30-16:30

1 billion people can’t be wrong? With more users than any other social network, FaceBook cannot be ignored. Being able to interact and engage with your customers via FaceBook is a huge lure for businesses, therefore ensuring you use FaceBook properly is essential. This interactive workshop will inform you about the pros and cons of FaceBook for businesses and why a strategy is so important.

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Writing your own blog

Tue 19 Feb – 09:30-12:30

Google loves blogs. Why? Because a blog is a regularly updated website with lots of keyword-rich content. Businesses that have a blog get 55% more web traffic than those that don’t. B2C businesses with a blog report 88% more leads per month. If you don’t have a strategy that includes a business blog you are missing out. Come along to Hillington Park Innovation Centre and find out how to boost your Search Engine Optimisation and online performance via a business blog.

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Embed YouTube in your business

Tue 19 Feb – 13:30-16:30

YouTube has defined a generation and has changed the way the world interacts with videos forever. As a tool for promoting your business it is almost unsurpassed because Google owns it. If you care about your Search Engine Optimisation, you need to pay attention to YouTube. Come along and find out how to get a strong presence on Google via YouTube.


Online Toolkit


Improve Search Engine Ranking

Mon 4 Feb – 16:00-21:00

Improve your understanding of Search Engine Optimisation techniques and to gain a measurable improvement for your Search Engine positioning.

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Trading Online

Mon 11 Feb – 10:00-12:00

Procure and manage an effective online trading presence and learn what is required from a legal and regulatory perspective.

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For more information and to book visit the Business Gateway website or call 0141 585 6353.

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