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Invest in Renfrewshire is an economic development partnership between local employers in the area and Renfrewshire Council. The programme was developed to grow the local economy and reduce unemployment in Renfrewshire.

A strong local economy benefits everyone. When unemployment is low, it means that the local economy is in good shape, firms are busy and there is demand for labour. People in employment earn more, have more disposable income, and spend locally – giving the economy a further boost. The overall economy benefits from increased tax receipts, both from firms and workers, and lower spending on welfare.

You can help, and be part of, Invest in Renfrewshire. Businesses, employers and those self employed can all do their bit. Click on the link below to find out how you can get involved.

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Renfrewshire Council provides programmes of support and financial investment to local businesses to help them to grow. In return we ask Renfrewshire employers to help us to support unemployed people into work.

Over 900 local employers have signed up to support Invest in Renfrewshire. Together we have created over 1200 new and additional jobs since we launched in 2012. Renfrewshire Council has invested £10.5M on the programme.

We have a wide range of financial grants and loans available to our partner businesses.

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You can sign up to support Invest in Renfrewshire hereThere are lots of opportunities to get involved and lots of benefits too.

Hiring local candidates is seen as an investment in the local economy and can be advantageous in building your reputation as an employer. Offering job positions to the local community also shows greater involvement and concern for the area. As a result people are more likely to see your business as a contributor to the development of the area and its community.

Even if you are unable to employ someone, our local clients can benefit from your knowledge and experience as they prepare for work. Getting involved in our programmes as a contributor can be very rewarding and our clients really benefit from your help in preparing them for work.

You can read more about how you can contribute here.

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