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Suzanne steps in to Care

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Suzanne steps in to Care

Suzanne, 25+ Support

Suzanne joined Invest having not worked for over 20 years, her time had been spent caring for others including her daughter and her father. Initially, Suzanne lacked confidence and was unsure of which direction to take but was extremely open to retail and potentially care but felt she lacked the skills, experience and qualifications to make the step.

Having built up an understanding and continuous engagement with her Advisor, she began to make small steps towards her goal of employment. Working together Suzanne and her advisor created an initial CV and engaged with the training coordinator to build up her soft skills, which improved self-awareness and built confidence.

HSC Futures in partnership with Invest provided an open day for their upcoming Care Swap programme, Suzanne attended with an open mind but was worried about moving into a setting where she saw her father’s health get worse.

Having spoken with her Advisor and the staff at HSC Futures Suzanne found the courage to take the step into training.

During her training Suzanne grew in confidence by gaining a host of Care qualifications and training. As part of her programme, she was supported to do a short placement at Kyle Court, which was a huge step for Suzanne.

The advisor called her up halfway through her placement and Suzanne felt a little out of place and struggled to understand where she could support more.

Her advisor spoke of how the first couple of days in a new role are always a little strange and that induction can feel slow but chat to your supervisor and I am sure they will support you.

The following week Suzanne came into the Russell Institute with a huge smile and when asked how she found it, she said “it was amazing and the staff on the final few days were so encouraging, oh and I have an interview!”. The Advisor and Training Coordinator spent some time building Suzanne’s confidence up and sharing interview techniques based on her experience with her father and the recent placement. Suzanne went to the interview full of hope and newfound confidence to which she was offered a role at Kyle Court.

Both the Invest & HSC Futures team are extremely proud of Suzanne to make such amazing progress in just over 10 weeks and wish her all the best as she continues to grow her experience in her Care setting.