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Bradley Gibb

Bradley Gibb

Bradley is 21 years old and lives in Renfrewshire. Bradley lives with Autism, which in his own admission can make it difficult to engage in conversation at interviews etc. Bradley was on our Project Search programme in 2017. During this time Bradley had 3 work placements, one of which was The Atrium Cafe at Renfrewshire House. Due to his hard work and commitment Bradley was offered a 10 hour contract with Renfrewshire Council.


Bradley was very pro-active in his approach to finding full time employment, however, this was proving difficult and to make up his hours he was working 3 separate jobs.  Bradley asked to be referred to Invest by Ian at Project Search. At our initial meeting Bradley was very clear about what he was looking for help and support with, and that was securing a full-time job.


When Bradley was fully registered with Invest in Renfrewshire, we updated his CV, carried out intensive job searches and participated in mock interviews. During one of his appointments I informed Bradley about a full time vacancy we were managing for The Big Bear Bakery, Hillington. Once we discussed this opportunity Bradley was keen to have his CV forwarded to the bakery. He was subsequently interviewed and offered a full time job, where he commenced employment as a kitchen porter on 27/02/2020.


“I believe that being with Invest was a fantastic opportunity.  From the very start I felt I was getting the right type of support, suited to my personal needs, by Agnes. The environment was pretty relaxed and friendly and how I was treated by Agnes, Trisha and the other staff at Invest helped me to feel comfortable when I attended, which made my experience with them manageable and productive and which happily ended in me securing my full-time job.”


I would definitely recommend Invest to any of my friends who were requiring help with getting a job as Invest would be able to give them the right support to jump start their career. I would tell them to register and to keep all their appointments. It is also important to prepare for the appointments and to trust that whatever is needed, Invest will do all they can to help them achieve their goals.