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Andrew Perratt

Andrew had been a client with the Working Matters team, He has a mild learning disability and had struggled to secure employment since leaving College. He had been volunteering with the YMCA, as his passion was photography. He struggles with spelling, and his confidence was low.

Andrew participated in the creative industries SBWA, his confidence grew in this course, he was supported and liked by everyone on the course. He applied for a few opportunities in the creative Industries doing Photography but in such a competitive  Industry, I asked to look at other areas of interest. He told me loved Animals, would consider this Industry.

Andre Received support in the following areas:

  • Supported with Updating Cv
  • Sign posted to Advice works
  • Interview support
  • Interview clothes
  • Confidence Building
  • Application support
  • Completed SBWA


As a result of attending all of the above he was put forward for a Part-time Maternity cover post at a local Pet shop. During his Interview the shop dog was present he immediately, clapped the dog, the job was his. He was great asset to the shop, and was able to se his Photography skills in taking pictures for Online shopping and the facebook page.When this post came to an end, he returned to Invest, Updated his CV, got support with application, within a 4 week period secured a 25 hour post working as a Digital Support with Renfrew’s Community Origination, Our place our Families.  Where he is still currently employed.