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Gain New Skills

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Get into work with our training programmes

Get the correct skill set for employment.

Invest in Renfrewshire offers a range of programmes aimed at improving your job chances. These range from one-off workshops,  to longer and more intensive training courses.

You will be required to be registered with our services to access these courses. If you are already registered, contact your advisor for more information and to be referred to the next available course. If you are not registered, choose the relevant service below and call for an appointment.

Here is a brief overview of what is on offer:

  • vocational certification required by employers, including REHIS Food Hygiene, CSCS certification, Health & Safety and First Aid
  • ICT
  • Sector Based Academies linked to live vacancies in Retail, Care, Hospitality, Administration/Contact Centres

More information

Please contact the The Employability Hub on 0300 300 1180 or press the button below to open Contact page
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