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Criminal Convicitons

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Criminal Convictions


At Invest in Renfrewshire, we have a small team supporting people who have criminal convictions to assist them to move back into employment.

Research shows that people who find employment on leaving prison are less likely to reoffend and that benefits our whole community.

One of our staff works with some local prisons to identify those approaching release and to start working with them prior to their release date.

We also work closely with the Community Payback Team to ensure that those with Community Payback Orders complete the hours handed down at sentencing.

Specific training courses are available for this group of clients as well as ongoing support sessions delivered by our staff.

Clients are supported in disclosing their convictions by writing a disclosure letter with the assistance of Invest staff.

The staff are able to identify when a conviction needs to be disclosed in relation to any particular job role.

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