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Staffing and Volunteers

Staffing and Volunteers

  • Employing and Training Staff – Invest in Renfrewshire has a range of support available to help with recruiting and training staff. To see the range of support services available Click here
  • Volunteers – If you are looking for volunteers or would like to advertise new volunteering opportunities, visit: http://www.engagerenfrewshire.com/blogs/volunteering/
  • Volunteer Scotland (volunteerscotland.net) – For all things ‘volunteering’ including online resources and templates.


Training and Development

  • Business Gateway Training Workshops and Events – For more information about the range of training workshops, events and business support available, click here: https://www.bgateway.com/local-offices/renfrewshire
  • Business Gateway Digital Skills – The DigitalBoost programme aims to improve digital knowledge and know-how on a wide range of topics that impact your business including Digital Marketing Strategy, Digitising Your Business Processes and Website Data Analytics. For more information visit: https://www.bgateway.com/local-offices/renfrewshire/digitalboost-support
  • Just Enterprise Learning Services – Workshops designed to increase the business and leadership skills of those employed within the enterprise Third Sector. To find out more about the range of learning workshops available visit: https://www.justenterprise.org/learning.html
  • Just Enterprise Leadership Programmes – Are designed to develop individuals into effective leaders and build leadership and management skills which can be applied to real life situations. For more information visit: https://www.justenterprise.org/leadership.html

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Contact the team by calling 0141 618 4344 to discuss your funding needs. Alternatively, press the button below to email us.
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