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Community Economic Development Team

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The Community Economic Development team can help identify and access external funding 


We are the Community Economic Development Team and we were brought together to increase the amount of funding and support available to third sector and voluntary organisations in Renfrewshire. We also have a corporate role to develop and maximise the council’s uptake of funding from external sources.


We’ll help to promote and develop the social economy by raising awareness of the specific funding available via: the Social Enterprise Small Grants Programme, the Community Traineeship Programme, and Invest in Renfrewshire initiatives such as the Graduate Intern Programme. We’ll be assisting our clients throughout their application processes.


Our role is outward-facing and so we’ll spend part of our working day within local communities to create a real presence and help to develop new approaches to delivering support services.


If you’re planning a programme or initiative with a strong social element, please call us for a quick chat about the potential to boost your work with some additional funds. We hope that our work can help to fulfil your objectives and ambitions and will be delighted to hear from any group or organisation whose projects deliver social, environmental or community benefits.


If you have any ideas for any projects or activities in your area, or just have an enquiry, please contact the team on the telephone numbers or email below: