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Admin course is the business!

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Admin course is the business!

Here at INVEST we offer numerous Sector Based Work Academy’s to help young people aged 16-29 gain experience and develop their employability skills. Recently we delivered the “Focus On… Admin” work academy, led by Economic Development Assistant, Ryan Lees, which was a 6 week job-focused programme giving clients the opportunity to practice their administration skills, gain a customer service qualification, meet with local employers and participate in a guaranteed work placement.

The structure of the course was a 4 week learning and preparation period, followed by a 2 week, hands-on, work placement. In the first 4 weeks, clients learned all about employability skills and how to market themselves, such as developing their CV, mock interviews and preparing for the job market. In addition to this, they were faced with real-life administration tasks and situations, as well as teambuilding exercises. During the final 2 weeks, clients gained hands-on work experience by completing a 2 week work placement, and some were even offered the opportunity to stay longer!

The academy was extremely successful with over 90% of attendees receiving a job offer on completion of the course. We were pleased to hear such positive feedback from our clients, both in terms of the academy itself and the support that Ryan and the team provided.

Some clients spoke of the value of the course in terms of their personal development: “It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.  I loved everything about the course.  I am leaving this course a more confident person.”

Others highlighted their enjoyment of the content of the course: “I really enjoyed the teamwork and hands-on tasks and really enjoyed the SVQ Course. The practical tasks we undertook in teams, such as organising a business trip, were also enjoyable”.

Clients were impressed with how well they were able to develop their employability skills: “The CV Development was very helpful!  My CV is much stronger than it initially was before I started, which is great as I previously struggled doing this myself”. “The Mock Interviews were one of the most enjoyable parts.  They allowed you to apply all the advice you had been given in a practical way and further learn how to improve your interview skills”.

Networking opportunities were also a favourite from our clients: “Hearing from local businesses and finding out about the variety of Admin roles was very beneficial.  It was also good to meet with them face-face before progressing to an Interview”.

Ryan, with the help of other members of the INVEST team, provided an exceptional support service which was recognised by clients:   “Ryan, as well as other people who helped such as Darren and Kenny were great – always going out of their way to help”. “Ryan did a terrific job supporting us as did everyone involved – he has been very supportive and easy to talk to”. “Ryan went out his way to accommodate for people needing extra support and is professional, patient and very approachable”.

Overall, the course was an enjoyable experience for both clients and staff. It won’t be long until another work academy launches… contact us to get involved!

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