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Renfrewshire Delivery Partners Forum

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The Renfrewshire Employability Delivery Partners Forum is one of 2 Forums engaging local service providers and other key employability stakeholders in Renfrewshire. The other is the Invest Practitioners Forum which facilitates information sharing and networking between practitioners .

Both forums are linked to the Renfrewshire Local Employability Partnership (RLEP) .


The driver for the establishment of the Renfrewshire Employability Delivery Partners Forum is the Scottish Governments commitment (No One Left Behind) to shifting decision making in relation to local employability service planning, commissioning and delivery to a local level, through enhancing the role of the RLEP. From April 2022 this will see budgets for Employability Fund and Community Jobs Scotland being managed by Renfrewshire Council, albeit the decision making for how these are applied sitting with RLEP. This will be on top of other employability resources already allocated locally such as Young Persons Guarantee and NOLB .

Renfrewshire Council and RLEP members are all committed to ensuring we  have a strong and effective partnership with employability service providers (public; third and private sector) recognising the diverse needs of residents and the many benefits that having a mix of provision can bring.


The forum will facilitate effective communication and joint working in relation to the above ambitions and changes between employability providers active in Renfrewshire or with a desire to be active in the area and the Renfrewshire Local Employability Partnership.


Contact kay.mcintosh@renfrewshire.gov.uk to find out more