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Funding and Grant Opportunities

Renfrewshire Employability Grants Programme (Round 1) is open for applications


This new, grants programme has been developed by Renfrewshire’s Local Employability Partnership (RLEP) in response to the Scottish Government’s No One Left Behind (NOLB) policy which brings a significant shift in decision making in relation to how employability funding is utilised to a local level.


The application and guidance documents can be downloaded from this page and the RLEP look forward to receiving applications by the closing date – Wednesday 20th October (midnight).


The Covid Pandemic, Brexit and other local and national developments are impacting on our local economy and we need to continuously review and revise our local employability provision to ensure we are meeting the needs of those needing support to move towards, into and within employment.


This new grant programme, a new local method of jointly commissioning services aims to be an open and transparent approach which offers all local employability providers the opportunity to get involved.


It will support innovation, pilots, new ideas and approaches which will contribute to .

  • Reducing unemployment in Renfrewshire
  • Increasing income through employment for low income families.


The grants programme will allow providers to come forward with their own ideas and suggestions for new services and provisions based on evidence of need.

Renfrewshire LEP encourages employability service providers to use their expertise, local knowledge and links with other partners to develop creative and innovative proposals that they have confidence there is demand for and that meet local gaps in service delivery and complement existing provision.

Renfrewshire Employability Grant Programme:
Key Information, Guidance and Sources of Useful
$ 100 Monthly
Renfrewshire Employability Grant Programme:
Application form
$ 100 Monthly