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Graduate Internship Incentive

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Graduate subsidies make it possible for businesses and social enterprises to offer a lifeline to Renfrewshire’s skilled young graduates. Without the relevant work experience, it can be difficult for local graduates to get the first step on the career ladder in an area relevant to their degree.

The aim of the internship programme is to give graduates the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals and the chance to apply their knowledge from university to the workplace, whilst also acquiring new skills.

In return, firms receive financial support to take on a talented and motivated young person who can add new expertise and skills to their business. Graduate internships must last between 3 – 6 months and be full time at a minimum of 35 hours per week.

The company must provide an intern with:

  • A clearly defined role and their own project that is of value to the company.
  • A dedicated mentor within the company to supervise their work, provide support and carry out performance reviews.
  • Practical skills, experience and individual support which will help them become more employable
  • A range of tasks which must be at the skills level of a graduate.

The internship project must:

  • Offer clear goals and objectives
  • Not have been previously undertaken due to lack of resources and time
  • Be linked to the growth and development of your business
  • Clearly demonstrate an impact on business performance
  • Pay a minimum hourly rate of £8.90

Subsidy Terms:

  • 70% subsidy towards the graduates payroll costs
  • Maximum contribution of £5,000
  • Company must have fewer than 250 employees and be based within Renfrewshire

How to Apply

For more info, fill out a Graduate Intern Application Form and send to intern@renfrewshire.gov.uk
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More information

Call 0141 618 6790 to arrange a visit from a staff member who can discuss the programme in greater detail or press the button below to access Contact page.
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