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Author: Steven Donald

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Several positions will be opened up at local community project Kibbleworks’ as the OsKar’s project continues.

With support from the European Social Fund, Kibbleworks provide employment, work experience and training for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 who are presently unemployed. The OsKar’s project uses unwanted household materials from the waste stream to the benefit of the environment and the local community, to help reduce waste, and train local young people. Items are then refurbished and sold to members of the public, especially to low income families.

Over 100 local organisations met on Friday afternoon to discuss the latest news surrounding employment in Renfrewshire as part of the Invest in Renfrewshire employability conference.

Representatives from a variety of local projects shared information and updates on their recent projects, and their goals for the future. Delegates also had the chance to discuss new policies, and share ideas for improving existing services.