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Local girl shows signs of a bright future

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Local girl shows signs of a bright future

Erin Cairns found it difficult the first time she walked into the Positive Destinations course at the Youth Employability Hub. She struggled with nerves and didn’t have the confidence needed to feel comfortable in the group – so much so, she didn’t want to come back.

“I was so negative to begin with,” she laughs “but it didn’t last long.”

Erin, 16, forced herself to battle her nerves and negative thinking, and returned to Positive Destinations. She made new friends, and found being out of her comfort zone actually increased her confidence.  By the end of the course, she found her confidence had grown immensely, and she started to think more positively.

 That’s been the best part. Getting to make new friends and build my confidence up. Now I can do stuff I never had the guts to do before and I’ve got a new-found independence.

Erin also completed a sign language course at the Hub, and, combined with the skills and personal development from Positive Destinations, she’s looking forward to a brighter future.

“I just want to tell people who are in the same place I was, it does get better, with the right help, the right people and the right mindset.”

Positive Destinations is a personal development course designed to help you build your confidence and develop your employability skills. You will get the opportunity to update your C.V., learn how to win at interviews and meet some new friends. The course is delivered over 4 weeks from the Youth Employability Hub. For more information, see here.

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