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Former Intern Megan is loving permanent role in I Am Me Project.

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Former Intern Megan is loving permanent role in I Am Me Project.

Megan Milligan is loving her role as Project Assistant in the I Am Me project having successfully completing a 9 month internship.

I Am Me is an award winning community project which works in partnership with Police Scotland to raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime.

Megan, 24, secured permanent employment in October having impressed staff during her internship starting in January 2015.

She had a wide range of roles in her position as project intern and continues such roles today. One of the key roles is to approach businesses to become Keep Safe premises, which benefits the local community.

She also liaises with existing Keep Safe premises to monitor any incidents, and to provide any further information or training on Keep Safe.

The Keep Safe initiative works with a network of businesses such as shops, libraries and cafes who have agreed to make their premises a ‘Keep Safe’ place for  people to go if they feel frightened, distressed or are the victim of crime when out in the community.i am me

Working with disability groups, health centres, and GP surgeries, to distribute Keep Safe cards has made Megan adaptable to different personalities and circumstances. Megan said:

You’ve got to have lots of different hats for different situations. In my position its important to be adaptable to different surroundings.

Assisting Police Scotland in order to raise awareness  on disability hate crime has also helped her grow in confidence and develop a  range of communication skills.

Megan was alerted to the position of project intern via the Invest In Renfrewshire website after her time studying English Literature and theatre at Glasgow University and hasn’t looked back since.

“In my position, I have to talk to the Police, Scottish Prison Services and different disability services so am faced with lots of different scenarios.”

“When I first started my internship, I wasn’t as confident as I am now. It is much easier  to confidently take charge of situations.”

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