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Forensic Investigation graduate stumbles upon a job at McAusland Crawford

Invest in Renfrewshire > Archive  > Forensic Investigation graduate stumbles upon a job at McAusland Crawford

Forensic Investigation graduate stumbles upon a job at McAusland Crawford

Claire Currie was wondering what to do with her degree in forensic investigation – then she uncovered a new career through Invest in Renfrewshire’s graduate internship scheme.

The advert led to her finding a nine-month internship at food manufacturing company McAusland Crawford.

Claire, 22 – who was working as a receptionist – was soon picked from a group of candidates to be a chemist at the company, and dealt mainly in testing foods for sulphur dioxide.

She also helped set up the lab, purchasing equipment and agreeing on the best possible method for the experiments.

Claire found that working independently through the process build her confidence in her abilities, and she also learned new things about the food industry. The best part, she tells us, is getting the results she wants from the experiments.

Recently, McAusland Crawford offered Claire a permanent job, and she will now work with different parts of the company.

She said: “I read the job description, and thought ‘I know how to do this!’ so I applied!”

When you’re a graduate working in a job outwith your field, like on a reception desk, people can be quite narrow-minded, and think you can’t do anything else.

“I’d tell other graduates in this position to keep applying, but it’s tough. If it wasn’t for the graduate internship scheme, I’d probably still be looking!”

For more information on how Invest can help you find a graduate internship, click here.

McAusland Crawford is a food manufacturing company, dealing with spices, seasonings and dry ingredients.

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