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Air, Sea…Land? Who knows where this company will go next!

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Air, Sea…Land? Who knows where this company will go next!

Air Sea Scotland Ltd reaches its 28th year of business this year and Invest in Renfrewshire has helped them keep a roof above their heads.

Invest helped the firm fund construction of a new industrial shed earlier this year and the company has already been reaping the benefits of this new development.

Air Sea Scotland required an area to safely load and unload containers with sensitive materials away from the elements of Scottish weather without having to move premises entirely.

Invest provided funding that helped see to the overrunning costs of this project. Without it, the company would have been forced to either continue with the work with the risk of damage or move completely.

Another great accomplishment for Air Sea Scotland Ltd is the major contract recently secured with Pall-Ex, which provides the vast potential for additional jobs. Director Ian Lynch said:

Invest is a great initiative, it’s helped the business. It’s opportunities like this which help businesses like us go from starting with £250 to grow into a multinational company.

“It’s good to be able to give back whenever the business can”

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