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Invest in Renfrewshire is an economic development partnership between local employers in the area and Renfrewshire Council. The programme was developed to grow the local economy and reduce unemployment in Renfrewshire.

A strong local economy benefits everyone. When unemployment is low, it means that the local economy is in good shape, firms are busy and there is demand for labour. People in employment earn more, have more disposable income, and spend locally – giving the economy a further boost. The overall economy benefits from increased tax receipts, both from firms and workers, and lower spending on welfare.

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– We want to create conditions in which local businesses can grow and attract investment

– We want to help local people find and keep work

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– By working with employers to create additional jobs.

– By ensuring that people are more aware of future job opportunities and better prepared for them.

– By supporting companies to grow and develop.

– By linking the right people to the right businesses and watching them flourish.

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  1. Local companies and employers across Renfrewshire sign up to provide a range of local opportunities including employment, work placements and offering staff time.
  2. Renfrewshire Council will support local businesses to grow, develop and increase employment opportunities.
  3. Renfrewshire Council, together with a range of partner organizations, will link jobseekers to the right opportunities and the right employers.
  4. Additional support will be provided to ensure jobseekers are ready for the workplace.

Gormac Coachworks is one of the 1000+ businesses who have joined the Invest in Renfrewshire partnership and employ young apprentices. Owner, Graham McIntyre, said; “Invest in Renfrewshire has helped us to grow as a business but we also benefit from knowing that we are helping to build careers for local young people.”

Renfrewshire Council continues to make a sizeable financial commitment to Invest in Renfrewshire. The support provides new and ongoing economic development, business support and youth employability initiatives to improve the prospects of local jobseekers.

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