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Training Opportunities

We can still offer many courses to help improve your employability skills such as Interview Techniques, CV Building and Application forms.  Additionally, you can attain accredited vocational qualifications through our Digital College.  We also provide online CSCS practice to work towards your CSCS Card as well as supporting your Personal Development.  

At present our courses can be accessed via Skype (internet access required) on a phone/PC/Laptop or Tablet.  Don’t worry, we can send you the technical info to get you started and we will be on hand to help you get set up.  Once this is done, you will be able to just click on a link to join in on the courses.


Whilst this is not as good as meeting you all in person, we look forward to meeting all of you online.  



Helping you to prepare for an interview so you can perform well on the day.  This session covers how to research and plan for the interview, different types of interviews and what employers are looking for. This session will help you understand how to handle interview situations efficiently.  This module includes how to answer different types of questions, what questions to ask and how to make an excellent first impression.


Practical Interviews

Following on from the above Interview skills session, you will have a set of your answers to prepare, practice and perfect in a safe and interactive environment.  Using your own words, key skills and experience, we will help you formulate the answers to the top ten interview questions, specific to YOU and coach you to give the ideal answers.  In addition to this, we will also give you some pointers on body language, tone and how to be the best version of you in person.  This session is interactive and requires a little preparation and lots of participation.  The secret to a good interview?  Preparation to nail that next interview!



Helping you to understand how to complete application forms and online applications efficiently.  This module covers what employers look for, how to complete selection tests and the importance of an effective personal statement.



This workshop covers the importance of a good CV, the do’s and don’ts, handing out CV templates and examples of cover letters. Where possible, you can type up your own CV during the session.   This session will allow to create an effective personal statement and show you how to tailor and target your CV.



Access to various online vocational accredited courses relating to all employability sectors: e.g. COSHH, Food Hygiene, Essential IT, Fire Marshal Training etc.



Providing Support and access to links and apps where you can practice for your CSCS test.



The Pacific Institute’s highly renowned personal development programme STEPS is our most popular course for personal development, so if you need help with confidence, self- esteem, motivation, want a new challenge or goal setting, STEPS can help you find the secret to success.