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Invest in Renfrewshire

Invest in Renfrewshire is the brand name for Renfrewshire Council’s economic development service. Together with key partners we are working to grow a strong, inclusive, and sustainable economy which delivers for all our people, communities and businesses.

Key themes in our approach are:

in Renfrewshire

Here you can find more support if you seek employment.

in Renfrewshire

Creating business start-up and growth opportunities.

in Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire is the ideal location for your business.

in Renfrewshire

Support for your local communities.

Key Renfrewshire stats:

People Success

179,900 people live here

Working Population
Working population

115,600 are of working age (16-64)

Working population
Employment success

91,500 are in employment

Business Success

Renfrewshire has 4,630 businesses

Jobs Success

89,000 jobs

Good average for wages
Fair pay

Average weekly pay is £647.50

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